Profile Asep


Name        : Asep Suaji

Mobile        : 082122113325

E-mail        :

Twitter: @asepsuaji, Facebook: Asep Suaji

Occupation : Stand Up Comedian (Comic), Actor.

Hobby          : Stand Up Comedy, Movies, Music, Writing, Football.

Experiences     :

  1. Finalist Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Competition at Kompas TV Season 1
  2. Comic for Stand Up Comedy show at Metro TV (Stand Up Show & Battle of Comic)
  3. Performs Stand Up Comedy in many cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Samarinda, Solo, Semarang, Medan, Bali, etc).
  4. Stand Up Comedy at community gathering or corporate events such as Telkomsel, Fimela, Yahoo Indonesia, PT.Djarum, etc.
  5. Opening Act for International Stand Up Comedy Show Paul Ogata (USA), Rob Brown (AUS), Cole Parker (UK), Jojo Smith (UK), Johnny Candon (IRE), Matt Price (UK), Brian Aylward (CAN), Tommy Dean (USA), Bob Kubota (USA), held by Jakarta Comedy Club.
  6. Performer at Jakarta Fringe Festival and opening act for Paul Ogata Show at Jakarta Fringe Festival.
  7. Opening Act for Phil Kay and Raymond Mearns from Scotland at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali.

Photos :

1. Stand Up Comedy Competition Finalist at Kompas TV Season 1


2. Stand Up Comedy Metro TV

13 hqdefault1

hqdefault2 hqdefault

3. Stand Up Nite Bandung & Samarinda

 3 4

4. Stand Up Comedy at Yahoo Indonesia


5.Stand Up Comedy in English



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